Sunday, 20 November 2016


Well, yesterday Judy and I created our labyrinth together.   Well actually, Judy did most of the work. She has been longing to do this for 20-30 years, but yesterday her dream came true.
Thankfully our fencing contractor was able to move 2500 lbs of Mexican White Beach Stones down from the road at the front of the house, by using a skid steer... and also moved 45 bags of Red Canadian Cedar Mulch too! It saved us hours of work.

So here are a few sequential photos of work in progress until its completion.
We began with a template membrane which we stapled to the ground in strategic places and then placed the rocks on the lines.... lifting 50lb bags of stones at a time!
Then placed the Red Cedar mulch between the lines... gorgeous scent and soft under foot.

And now today, of course, we have 5 inches of snow covering everything!
Misty's orange tennis ball was carefully placed by her last thing...

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


On Sunday night I spotted the supermoon coming up slowly in the East as I was driving back with Misty from the Pet Playhouse near Caroline.. It was bright enough to shine through the skeletal shapes of the trees on the hills.
Later I photographed it high in the sky above us...

A few days earlier we had a gorgeous sunrise which lit up the last of the fall colors like a beacon.

Judy has planted about 40 garlic bulbs which, all things being equal will provide us with a splendid resource next year.
Tomorrow our additional garden fencing is to be set which will allow us to build our labyrinth in the annex. 45 bags of white Mexican beach stones are on their way across the country from Washington state and will arrive next week.