Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Frozen Water

Taughannock Falls at this time year is stunning. The valley was gorgeous in morning light today even though the air temperatures was -6F (-21 C).

At the end of the trail, the falls cascaded down as if suspended in time; icicles everywhere and just a trickle of water showering down in the centre of the ice.

The river itself still flowed of course, but only just visible in places.

I am reminded of the delicate balance between the seasons here. It seems impossible to imagine the burst of spring to come.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Sunshine after the snow...

We've had well over 8 inches of snow over the last few days...which drifts to deep piles in places, making it very difficult to walk over without snowshoes.
This morning though, the sunshine came back and lit up the fields like a searchlight.

There is a possibility more snow will come tomorrow and Thursday!
Walking the field this morning took about twice as long and four times as much effort.
But our dog Misty loves it... burrowing into the snow to see if she can track mice and rabbits.