Friday, 4 October 2013

Autumnal Light

The light at this time of the year is gorgeous. Morning light casting long shadows across the fields; evening light lengthening into a misty blue.
The chipmunks are gathering food for the winter...dashing off into their secret hideouts somewhere behind the fence.
Most of the apples have fallen from the tree beside the creek to be snatched up by the deer and the woodchucks.
We now have a flock of about fifty mourning doves who gather in the garden from time to time, sunning themselves and nestling into the gravel. They are often accompanied by a similar number of sparrows who feed cooperatively with them and then, all of a sudden, dash off into the trees.


The hills in the distance are beginning to be peppered with the changing foliage of sugar maples, birches and oaks....the golds and russets dancing alongside the deep evergreens...I love autumn, always have.

I find I am not alone in this, as it is also the season of ripening apples...these gentle neighbours enjoyed a number of the sweet red delights this morning...

And these aren't the only residents of our local community interested in apples. Today begins Ithaca's Apple Festival and we, along with hundreds of others, will be sampling the produce as well as listening to the music on offer, autumnal delights to be sure.