Wednesday 23 October 2019

Glorious Autumn Light

We have been blessed with superb morning light for some weeks now, and, together with the rich colours that are now at their peak, it has been a lovely time to walk the Schug Trail.


Wednesday 26 June 2019

Moments on the Schug trail

The other morning we spotted a Bald Eagle sitting patiently in a dead tree not far from Dryden Lake...and then, walking further along spotted lots of Snapping Turtles hauled out in the sun.

The trail has now been extended several further miles to the North and we walked 2 miles along the new stretch the other day beside a lazy creek.


Saturday 24 November 2018

Morning Light in Winter

We have been blessed with two mornings filled with gorgeous sunshine the last two days... but temperatures well below freezing have kept us out for only a short time.
Dryden Lake and the Shug Trail at -12 degrees C!

But now the snow has turned to sleet and rain, so changes are coming...

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Garden Visitors

Now as the year's season's begin to move on, we have been blessed with a number of garden visitors lately....
This morning a stunning Cooper's Hawk sat on a chair down by the fire pit for the best part of a half hour and a few days ago I photographed the hummingbird and a Monarch on the Buddleia bush by the path.
Plants have grown spectacularly this year, I suspect because of the rain...


Monday 23 July 2018

Early morning on the Shug trail

An early morning walk the other day on the Shug trail was a delight... Judy and I spotted a deer and two baby fawns and a pair of beavers attending to the big dam by the bridge at mile 2. For a second or two we spotted the belted kingfisher but the bird is so shy it flees at the slightest movement.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Return to Iona

Judy and I visited Iona again two weeks ago. 
We were last there six years ago in 2012 just before we emigrated to the USA.
The place is timeless and, this time, bathed in spectacular sunshine all the time we were there.

We then went on to visit Iceland and were greeted by gray skies and emerging sunshine and, then, immense landscapes that stretched away into distance.


Saturday 12 May 2018

Slow spring

After what has seemed an interminable wait, spring has arrived with a rush in the last ten days. Our Kwanzan Cherry has flowered for the first time since we planted it, and our Red Bud Maple is gorgeous this year.

We have set out an Oreole feeder and can't wait to see if we can attract these beautiful birds.

Walking the Shug trail yesterday, Judy and I were saddened to see that five little goslings had disappeared overnight... fallen victim to a fox. The mother had sat patiently on her nest for a month.

The Beavers are as busy as ever... their dam has created a lake upstream not far from Dryden Lake.
Everywhere are felled trees, all material for the next endeavour!