Friday, 20 December 2013

In the deep mid winter...

Snow is well and truly here as I write... some drifts in front of the house are about four feet deep. 
The birds and wildlife flurry around, getting through pounds of nuts every few days.
The hawk came by the other day, fluffed up against the wind.

The colors this time of year are gorgeous... subtle hues of brown and grey and white against the soft lines of the hills.

The pink-golden of dawn rises over the mountains to the east and I am reminded of the approaching Winter Solstice, the shortest day, giving way to longer light. Every morning, the sky offers a gift for reflection, an opportunity for renewal, a reminder of the gift of awakening.

As the walls of the gorges, usually rushing with water, respond to the colder temperatures, creating their own living sculpture; I find I am deeply in awe of water...its ability to move from frozen, to liquid, to vapour. And in observing this quality, my mind goes to my studies of Chinese Medicine. The Water Element, in 5-Element Theory, is associated with the fear of the unknown, akin to pregnancy and the necessity of trusting that things are being formed, becoming whole, even when we are not able to fully see or comprehend them. 

This ice will gave way to water, the water will evaporate in the heat of summer's sun and with next winter the ice will return, and the cycle shall repeat itself anew....and so, to, my life. 


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas comes...

We've dressed our first Christmas Tree here, a fabulous find from Balsam Hill in Colorado and, with the reflections in the windows, it seems like we are surrounded by light.

Meanwhile, the goldfinches are having fun hitching a ride on the wind sculpture from time to time. Its almost as if they are doing it just for fun! 

Our rabbits have taken a liking to the carrot pieces we put out on the patio...and the ravens have fallen in love with the peanuts.

Further away, snow lies on the open field behind us...and the other morning we saw a fox diving into the crisp morning snow, desperately trying to find a mouse.


 It seemed there was a slight negotiation going on with the male and female bluebirds yesterday morning...I know it is slight anthropomorphism for me to assume there is communication between them, as I would understand it...but it certainly seems so....

It also seems that they really enjoy perching on top of the boxes, claiming their territory and getting a perspective on the rest of our garden inhabitants...the brilliance of their feathers is pure joy, especially against the white of the snow-covered earth....

We were delighted to see them this week, but also a little surprised that they were still with us in winter...we stopped into the Cornell Ornithology Lab to get some expert advice...they told us that bluebirds will brood together in a nesting box throughout winter, before building nests and reproducing in the spring....

We have purchased a heated birdbath...I know...and are feeling blessed by the beauty of these precious winged visitors during our first winter in our home....