Sunday, 2 February 2014

Deep Freeze

This winter has been very cold so far... but spectacular ice and frozen water abounds!
The colours and shapes are astonishing...with Taughannock falls trail in particular being a journey of gorgeous surprises...


In the midst of winter's cold there is a rarified beauty, a stillness, a hush, inviting me to journey inward towards less active thought and deeper reflection. 

I find a frozen waterfall is utterly symbolic, the immense force of movement, stayed by external forces of plunging temperatures. 

Life is like this at times...outside influences give pause to forward movement and, once powerfully flowing energy becomes seemingly stagnant, as though never to move again. does, the sun warms that which is frozen, within and without and flow returns. 

Being back in the northeast of the United States has reminded me of the great gift of the seasons...fully experiencing the new growth of spring, the heat of summertime, the passionate display of leaves, and then the pristine white and icy blue of winter. All serve to remind me that change is the only constant and that I best serve my spirit in remembering that truth.