Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The beginnings of Autumn...

The tree swallows have gone already! One day there were a clutch of the young things flying about the garden and the next they were gone... lets hope they make it back next year.
Meanwhile, our local itinerants continue their lives: the woodchuck stood like this for fully five minutes before bumbling away...

And the chipmunks battle it out to see who is first onto the food bench: often throwing each other off in their efforts to do so!

We think we may have suffered the last mouse inside the house: fully fifteen have been trapped and caught so far, but lets hope its the last, now that the hole in the fire housing has been sealed.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Thunderstorms and Rain...

The baby tree swallows have emerged at last from their nesting box... and somehow, the sculpture is an irresistible vantage point!

Thunderstorms have arrived today once again on the back of hot and humid air from the South.... great spats of rain coming down and occasional claps of thunder.
Its fabulous though to see such natural phenomena...
At the front of the house, the driveway has now been finalised and its a welcome addition to the property.

Later this year, we hope to add some big mature river birches... so lets hope we can find them!