Friday, 19 September 2014

First Frost

Well the first frost arrived last night, and, this morning, the field of golden rod was sparkling in the early light.
Later, Judy and I watched the Northern Harrier dip and dive over the field, obviously finding prey...
This photos was from a great distance, but captures its spirit!

The Rudbeckia continues to amaze us! It has bloomed non stop since June...
Meanwhile, baby finches are flitting around; sometimes perching on the crab-apple tree:


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Morning Light....

Today the full moon, setting in the West was a sight to behold.... and then, half an hour later when the sun rose, the field behind our house became lit up like a sea of gold.

Meanwhile, work gather pace at plots 3 and 4, where a new townhouse is being built. Earth has been dug, concrete poured, markers set and soon, timbers will be rising from the ground.
Our new river birch trees are settling in, albeit having shed a few leaves.

As I write, three turkey buzzards are soaring over Applewood lane...